Association Arcobaleno of Padova

All the children of the world should be able to be equal and have guaranteed the fundamental right to family environment irreplaceable and necessary for growth.

The association "Arcobaleno Onlus" was legally established in Padua, June 1 1992 Its Founders were a group of adoptive parents who wanted to put their expertise to International Adoption and families which initiated a reflection towards this type of parenting. From the beginning, then the primary purpose of the Association is to support couples in choosing and implementing the International Adoption outside of any political discrimination, ideological or race, without neglecting either the humanitarian or cultural ones and educational activities related to the dissemination of the culture Adoption. Another major focus of the Association is to promote projects aimed at improving the situation of the Lower Countries On the Origin.

The Arcobaleno Association, which has its registered office in Padua, give support and assistance to couples from all over Italy. In September 1998, the Association has been recognized as a legal institution with the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior of the September 8, 1998; July 17, 2002 was entered in the register of entities authorized by the Commission for International Adoptions which belongs to the Council of Ministers for operations on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova; July 26, 2004 the opportunity to register has been extended to the Republic of Armenia; extension in September 2009 in the Republic of Senegal.

L’Associazione Arcobaleno, che ha sede legale a Padova, dà supporto ed assistenza a coppie provenienti da ogni parte d’Italia. Nel settembre del 1998 l’Associazione ha ottenuto il riconoscimento di Ente Morale con Decreto del Ministero dell’interno del 8 settembre 1998; il 17 luglio 2002 è stata inserita nell’albo degli Enti Autorizzati dalla Commissione per le Adozioni Internazionali che fa capo al Consiglio dei Ministri per l’operatività sul territorio della Federazione Russa e della Repubblica di Moldova; il 26 luglio 2004 la possibilità di iscriversi è stata estesa alla Repubblica di Armenia; nel settembre 2009 estensione nella Repubblica del Senegal.

Is managed by a Board of Directors elected every three years by the General Meeting; the President, who was appointed to the Board, is the main reference for Italian and foreign institutions. In carrying out its activities NPO Rainbow relies on the continued contribution of employees who follow the practices foster and manage the administrative side, it also relies on the contributions of experienced professionals in the legal, social, medical and psychological. The activities carried out by the members are made on a voluntary basis and free of charge. The Association is non-political, non-denominational, not for profit and is supported by contributions coming from its members and other supporters.