Emotions and shots of Roberto and Luca Bettini, two photographers who are always on the run.

Since that Sunday of the September 1974, when a certain Giuseppe Saronni of the Buscatese team beat two athletes of the Waya team, had won an amateur race in the Monza park. It was my first photo that I found in the Buscatese office, but many years have passed.

I'm passionate and to some degree love this beautiful sport. Thanks to cycling i know my wife Paola. She was riding with the best and than came Luca and Thomas. After ten years of following all the amateur races, in the 1983 I started to follow more competitions and after the Montello world championship passed, I finally decided to follow the proffesionals. Since then there has been, 25 years of world championship, Giri d'Italia, Paris Roubaix and Giri di Lombardia. I followed the races in America, South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and all you can see in Europe. I followed the Olympic games in Atlanta and Sidney and the time record attempts in Mexico, Bolivia, Cile, Vigorelli in Milan, Colombia, Bordeaux, Stoccarda and Colorado Springs.

After many years in Olympia, now Olycom, I started the collaboration with the Gazzetta dello Sport and since 2001, I have been the director of the Sprint Cycling Magazine. I'm lucky to have a lot of friends and collaborators, on all Gianfranco Soncini and Antonio Pisoni. Luca finished his studies as a photographer and since 2005, follows me in many events and with great pride I realize to have by my side a real help. Luca knows the new technologies and he also exceeds me in the photos now, but I give him hard time. The last season he followed all the northern classics and he flew in Australia for the world championships.

In memory of Fabio Saccani we follow the races on the Gianni Zucchetti and Alessandro Benedetti (first season with us) motorbike, while in the north is Koean Hadsen who is leading us into the group.
Paola passes the summer season to menage the Susanna Bath of Punta Marina Terme-Ravenna where will come the Giro this year. Now we start the new season with the San Luis Tour.


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