The Doctor Cassisi experience

Antonino Cassisi, 55, born in Messina but by adoption from Bergamo (over twenty years), which was formed with the best schools in the world.

Alumn of the legendary Ralph Millard, after graduating in Italy, Cassisi has specialized in Paediatric surgery in the United States, the "Jackson memorial hospital" in Miami and "Miami children's hospital", first under the direction of Millard and then under that of Anthony Wolfe, another "giant" of this kind of surgery. .

Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery Hospital Pope John XXIII in Bergamo, continues to deepen some specific technical aspects, alternating stays Americans to travel in Germany (another country where this type of surgery has great professionalism) in the Arab countries and in East Asia.

Cassisi faces fully acquired and congenital malformations, both in adults and especially in children.

«The most frequent pathologies - he explains - ranging from cleft lip and palate to craniofaciostenosi from respiratory obstruction malformations acquired all diseases with a major impact on the social level. In cases of craniosynostosis, abnormal narrowing of the skull, it is crucial to intervene as early as possible not only to give back to the skull and face look normal, but above all to decompress the brain, which in its first year of life has a growth very important in doing so also prevents the mental retardation that can arise if this is not done on time. In the case of respiratory obstruction, children not only fail to grow, but they can also be victims of so-called "" white deaths "." Obstruction of the nasal cavities are able to intervene on very small children, even under two pounds in weight, as well as in cases where the jaw is not developed, causing an obstruction at the level of the pharynx, we are able to intervene by creating space for the passage of air without performing a tracheotomy on infants even below three pounds of weight.».

As for cleft lip and palate (a birth defect complex), the technique inherited from Ralph Millard allows Cassisi «to give back to children born with this malformation is not only fully functional but the excellent results obtained from the aesthetic point of view.».