The new operating room

The goal is ambitious: build in Armenia, in the hospital "Of the mother and child" of the capital Yerevan, a department, operating rooms equipped with modern equipment, for maxillofacial surgery in children.

The operating room will be equipped with system VCCC (Ventilation, Cooling, and Controlled Contamination) much performance, because it is found that the post-operative infections can be reduced thanks to Air treatment Plants with high efficiency, able to minimize the presence of contaminant particles in the air contaminants. The architectural part of the operating room will be built using the system Prefabrication OMAS TECHWALL, and Engineered Certificate, with exposed surfaces in Solid Surface (such as Corian Dupont). The system of Vertical Walls is designed to limit the post-operative infections by:

  • System coplanar surfaces and assembled, and sealed, with no sharp edges, so it can be easily cleaned and sanitized to limit bacterial proliferation.
  • The surfaces of the system are opaque and non-reflective, which offer a high environmental comfort to operators; also allow you to restore absolute scratches and dents that could be generated over time.
  • The materials used are resistant to detergents and disinfectants both liquid and aerosol.
  • The system allows the housing of Plant and Equipment, integratee perfectly in keeping such a Sliding Doors Automatic Estate, Hobs Electric and Gas Surgeon and Anaesthetist, Paintings Commands Operating Room, Wall Units Equipped, Viewers, Watches Clocks, Cabinets Storage Clean material from recessed seal for Operating Room, Wardrobes Passamateriale Dirty.
  • The Integrated System and Accessories are Certified in Estate, to allow for maximum efficiency of the Plant Air Handling the Operating Room.

Il The ceiling is of type Specific to Operating Rooms OMAS CEILING AT, with structural design characteristics, in order to support and complement the equipment you need.

The floors of operating rooms are made of PVC Static Dissipative homogeneous type, normally employed in the Operating Room and in a position to meet all the requirements of hygienic-sanitary as well as security..